Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Who ya gonna call?!

Ghostbusters!! That's right! If Dave Perillo can make illustrations of movie characters, why the devil can't I??

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Oils and kittens!

This week I forayed into the world of OIL PAINTING. Woah. I must say, it beats the pants off acrylics! Altho this was my official First Time painting with oils, I had lots of fun! Being able to put paint on your canvas and NOT have it dry in about ten microseconds is a blessing! That said, I did realize that I paint FAR too anally and need to loosen up a whole bunch. Need to not focus on creating something decent, but relax and let the paint lead. As such, I'm not really diggin' the painting and need to get it done and see where I stand then. Maybe I'll just gesso over it and start again.
While I was painting (oil paints and space to paint in all graciously lent to me by Nichole! thanks!!) I realized that I was using oils exactly like acrylics, which is probably not the best way to use them. I realized that when I mix colors on my palette I tend to mix every on top of each other...mostly because when I do this with acrylics, everything has already dried. Miraculously I managed to NOT get a big puddle of mud on there. heh. So this is Yavin The Fire-Eater:

It's been such beautifully warm weather this weekend, I finally had a chance to reopen the sunroom! Needless to say, the kittens are very happy about it. Skittles has already spent many hours sleeping in there and even managed to entertain a fly around the room! Somewhat documented it:

And just because its fun, here's Butter:

Monday, March 2, 2009

Sock Animals

I was productive this weekend and made a couple sock animals for my mum and my nan (belated birthday presents). After making them on saturday, I decided I needed to add an illustration to each of them, explaining their professions.
The Great Zambini: Magician!

Yavin: Russian Fire Eater! (that's eating FIRE not Russians)

Also, that snow by the windows in the photos? yeah, that's on the INSIDE. It snowed on the INSIDE of my sunroom. Friggin' New England. >.<;; Also Yavin's illustration isn't done yet. Sketched, but not computerized. Phooey.