Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Mr. Christmas Post

Happy Holidays to all!
I've been ridiculously busy making christmas presents for the past few weeks (gosh it feels like forever!)...and I still can't believe christmas is tomorrow! BUT finally everything is done! PHEW!
Anyways, further down are some photos of the stuff I've been slaving over. Every year I've been slowly trying to step up the professional-ness of the things I make. This year everything has neat tags and cards and was all printed cleanly from my good friend Mr.Adobe Illustrator. Unfortunately, I don't seem to have the printing knowledge down pat many things looked fuzzy on the paper I used. Oh well! I'll know for next time!

A small framed illustration for Jason's dad, who is a trucker and a musician!

These are Snow Bunnies! Small, stuffed to perfection and each with their own unique mini-scarf! yay! I named them all and safety pinned name tags to them (which isn't shown), the one above is named Maki!

My friend Nichole had the brilliant idea of using calendar cases to hold recipe cards. So we both set about making some! I only managed to do 8 recipes per pack, but the designs came out quite nice I think ^_^ Good ol' kuler for color-schemes, really can't beat that website! Also, don't try to laminate stuff at Staples as it takes THREE days to do it apparently! >.<;; Yea my cards are SO not laminated...makes me wish i'd printed on heavier card stock.
I'm off to a yankee swap now, where my recipe cards will debut! Hope they like 'em.
Hope everyone has a great holiday!! :D