Wednesday, October 10, 2012

APE-in' up!

Hello! This weekend I will be at APE (the Alternative Press Expo, for those not in the know) here in San Francisco, at the Squee Brigade booth #717! I'll be selling brand new prints, a fun assortment of buttons and all new pumpkin stuffies! Come one, come all! Here's a sneak peek of the things I'll be selling.

Prints! The Amazing Yavin and The Great Zambini are making a come back this year, with all new shmancyness!

Hand made pumpkin stuffies! Zombie, ghost or just plain cute! Adorbs and just in time for halloween!

Also, here's a lovely map of where our table will be! The Squee Brigade includes super talented artists Susan Oleinik, Ashley Boyd and Aurora Alcantar (as well as me - there I am on the far left!). So if you get a chance, stop by the Concourse Exhibition Center in San Fran this weekend!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Birds, Rats, Tree

A rather unimaginative title I'm afraid. I think I might rename it "Black versus White" when the time comes. heh.

Monday, January 16, 2012

The Fox and the Hare

Part of me really wants to cut out the hare and the fox and put them on separate sheets of glass in a 3D frame, with the background behind them on another piece of glass. I'm not sure if that'll look silly though. I think I sold my old 3D frame too, which is a bummer. Only now do I realize I could've used half the stuff I sold before I moved across the country. Derp.