Sunday, October 5, 2008

Faire and Paper

Here is what I worked on today. A group of us are trying to cobble together a little xbox live game. I think our hope is that it'll be entertaining enough to play online with many players...maybe not for profit, but its a fun side project nonetheless. So far I've done character designs, character animation, prop designs, level designs and a whole load o' concept work (thats in the past like...year). Jason's been doing fabulous level designs as well! I'm kind of dying to see it on the tv. Note: animating at 60fps? Kind of a bitch. >.<;
Yesterday we went to King Richard's Faire, which was quite fun. I spent most of the time oggling all the fancy costumes people were wearing (spectators and faire employees alike!). Some of them were really well done! Also there was a very convincing Jack Sparrow wandering around and a 'dark' knight for the joust that vaguely resembled Robert Downey Jr. from a distance.
I tried sketching, I really did. But nothing particularly stellar came out of it, so I'll spare the crappy scans. Also, the mini sketchbook I was using is crap and should be outlawed. It's like drawing on tracing paper! Don't know WHAT I was thinking when I bought it! I have to go get a proper moleskin sketchbook again...and one of those fabulous pens I adore...sometime between now and next saturday. Lots of sketching will be happening in England!
Ok, time for a movie and cuddles with the poor neglected cats...