Monday, May 27, 2013

Cute Food in June!

It's almost June and I've finally started to think about additions to my inventory leftovers from Cherry Blossom (which by the way, was a great success!). I am now thinking about doing the Jpop festival in July with my good friends in the Squee Brigade. To prepare, I'm thinking of doing a new sticker run of cute japanese food - nigiri, onigiri and pork buns!
Stickers to put on everything! I will additionally be doing another run of Sea Otter Dr Who stickers (since the last batch SOLD OUT *_*). And of course, more stuffies! I'm planning on making lots more onigiri this time (they practically flew off the table at Cherry Blossom!).
In addition to festivals, I have a show piece to make for a Dr Who show in October and several illustrations to make for a Tech Couture booklet I will be a part of. So between copious amounts of overtime at work, I shall fit all this stuff in...erm...somewhere. (Seriously, if anyone ever scoffs at you that being a professional artist is easy because you "get to draw all day", please smack them in the face.)
As Willy Wonka says, "So much time, so little to do - strike that! Reverse it. Thank you."