Monday, March 24, 2008

Trip to NYC

And now another post! This one's for our trip to NYC, which was great fun and exhausting to boot. Saturday we trundled off to MoMA for some contemporary artsy-ness. I was actually (and this is where I sound a bit snobbish) a tad bit dissapointed with the selection of stuff...I needed more paintings and less random video installations about naked women and barbed wire. Still, most of the sculptural exhibits were really cool - a nice use of odd materials to get an end product that looked cool AND was functional.

Anyway, after reaching the maximum amount of art we can intake in a day, we flopped down on the second floor and waited for everyone in our party to gather. While waiting, I sketched a couple shots of the huge lobby-ish area. I was mildly alarmed by how many people were sitting down with their heads in their hands, like the world was coming to an end.

More people...regrettabley they kept moving I was stuck to gestures. I discovered that babies are incredibley tough to get down on paper - they're speedier movers than they would appear!! And I was about to finish off sketching a baby who was lolling around on the floor when a large fat man stood in my way...he must've been wearing about 4 camera bags.

NYC buildings from memory (done today while cooking dinner), because my stupid camera decided to run out of batteries halfway round the MoMA. A view from the MoMA itself (great view across the street to all those tall ny buildings), then a red stone building across from the old NY courthouse (goddamn my camera!! that building would look SO good with flying cars around it). And then some pinnacles of Trinity Church...ish...o.o;;

Here's a random note: best thing at MoMA? wasn't an exhibit, it was this little asian girl. By far and wide the MOST ADORABLE little girl I have ever seen. My god, Jason and I almost cried she was so cute (and we cursed our lack of camera). Her parents had taken her out of her little stroller and plopped her down in front of an exhibit of wacky chairs. She proceeded to stand there grinning, peace sign with one hand, clutching at something with the other hand and posed for a picture. The only way I could even remotely try to capture her cuteness was via anime. ::sigh:: So adorable.

Kitten sketches

Hurrah it's time for an update! ^_^
In this post I'll share some sketches of the kitties I did last week (and was too lazy to post until now):

Kittens playing with a huge box in the living room. Kittens <3 boxes. Especially ones with holes in so they can jab their paws through and wave them around. Hehe, it looks so silly!

Butter sleeping (having been worn out by the box). He actually held still enough for me to get some detail down!

And here's both of them sleeping peacefully. Butter's at the top - lookin' like he's the king of the Remote. Skittles is below was an odd angle as she was sleeping directly next to my lap and practically on top of my sketchbook and Butter was wedged against my legs.
All done in Pilot Fineliner pen on thick sketchbook paper. I really love this actually comes out greyish on the paper, which is a pleasant surprise because it looks remarkabley like a brush in photoshop. Hehe. The paper in the sketchbook is really nice too (i should think for the damn price!)....too bad there's not more of it.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tuesday Night Fee-vah

My boss lent me Cartoon Modern and it has suddenly revolutionized my artistic perspective! Oh 50's cartoon style, where have you BEEN all my life?! While frantically scribbling sketches from the book, I branched off on my own!

Top one is me and my kittens, then Jason playing Smash Brothers Brawl (::shudder::), then Butter in space (he is not amused).

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Another comic installment! apologies if the type is fuzzy and slightly hard to computer vomited forth the jpegs and refused to give better quality ones.