Sunday, November 22, 2009

Audrey Charcoal

Finally! An Audrey Hepburn that looks like Audrey Hepburn! Compressed and vine charcoal. 11 x 14" framed. Done for a christmas present for my friend who is also obssessed with Audrey H. ^_^
Next on the to-do list: a Snowy painting for my brother! Bring it, Christmas!

Monday, November 16, 2009


I don't have any artwork to share this week, since all of it turned out crappy...three pictures of Audrey Hepburn and I STILL can't get her right! What a mysterious woman.
Anyway, since I've always secretly wanted to be a professional photographer, I've been absorbing a lot of Holga and Diana photos recently and that classic vintage-vignette look. I'm hoping to get a Holga for christmas so I can endeavour to take some authentic artsy shots without having to resort to photoshop to fake it. I think its more fun to get the effect from a manual process rather than through a computer. There's something almost magical about handling clunky equipment from 40 years ago, its all so hands-on. And the end result is always a surprise! Funny how that also happens to my stuffed animals when I make them...hah.
So here's some photos from my last trip to California back in June (yeah I know that was like five months ago). Most of them are not vintagey - although two of them I shoved vignettes on and a bit of blurring in PS.

Ok, so the one below is just a picture of a really neat tree, check out that hole!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Audrey Hepburn

Ok, so I really have to fix her face so she LOOKS like dear Audrey...but that costume? how can you NOT draw it?? :D